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I came home from Canada, and probably for the first time in my life, promptly uploaded my pictures to flickr. I however, completely forgot to post them here. My photos are here, Amelia's pictures are here. (My photos have better captions.)

Basically guys, the take home message is this: Go. Go to the Olympics. Doooo eeeeeet. It is way cheaper than you are expecting (we did the whole thing- airfare included) for a thousand bucks a piece, which is not very much when you consider that it was the Olympics and it was made of awesome- and you should totally, TOTALLY go.

Really. Put it on your calender. Tickets for London go on sale next year, and you can watch wacky events like synchronized swimming and the javelin in person. While waving a flag! (My only regret was not buying many many flags to wave while there. Next time!)

In other news, I came home from Canada, only to throw myself into theater once more. I tell you what, folks, working tech for two shows at once is a terrible, terrible plan. Now, one is finished, and the second is half done. (For the Quirky-ites, Partition is showing at Explora this, and next weekends, and is pretty darn good, if I do say so myself.)

Next on the agenda: Taxes! Waiting for medical school! Stupidly large knitting projects! More fun with self-adhesive vinyl!


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