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Life, man. It's crazy.

Before I start whining about my current situation: I spent Winter Holiday with my sister in the Czech Republic and it was awesome. (Awesome!) We are both of the "minimal museums" school of tourism so we spent a lot of time wandering around Prague, admiring street art and eating doughnuts. We learned the tram, subway and bus schedules well enough to give directions. Culturally, we went to the what was possibly the world's worst theater performance (Incoherent! Poorly performed! Too childish for adults, too old for children!), a fabulous retrospective of "Jewish Songwriters on Broadway," a few castles, fewer churches.
The highlights of the trip were: hanging out with my sister, who rocks like a rocking thing, winning a trivia contest in our hostel, and New Year's Eve. On NYE (which was the warmest night of the entire trip) we accidentally crashed a party of locals, who welcomed us, shared their birthday whiskey and champagne, and showed us the best (read: safest) spot to watch the fire works. Czechs- they love their fireworks.
Interesting observational facts: Blacklight theater is not as cool as it sounds. Eastern Europeans all drive standard American sized cars. Bohemia is probably the most beautiful place in the world, come summertime.

Anyway. Then I came home to study neurology.

Two weeks ago: we had three "snow" days. (One for snow, one for predicted but never arrived snow, and one because our state somehow had a gas shortage, so they shut down all major non-hospital institutions so they could turn off the heat.)
Last week: we had two weeks of lecture in one! Basically, I was crying for mercy.
Today: I took a test electronically (just like ALL the tests I've taken so far in school) except that this one somehow wasn't logged, so we have to take it again on Wednesday.


That is the update.
(In this post, the old woman represents MY brain, while the banana represents information ABOUT the brain.)
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