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Oh, motivation, you are the worst.

I am having the worlds mildest cold, just enough to sap my energy and make me want to nap six times a day (up from my normal desire to nap four times a day). That, some vague muscle aches, and a chugging thirst are my only symptoms, so I am self-diagnosing with "first week back at school doldrums." That is the technical term, feel free to spread it around.

It doesn't help that I am avoiding stupid, boring, obnoxious paperwork. As if medical school weren't mind-taxing enough - it absolutely is, for the record - we are often assigned reams of what I am going to call busywork, just to make sure that every waking second is adequately over-full. Ugh, learning issues. (Insert fifteen of your best teenage eye rolls here, please.)

I spent six weeks this summer in my nominal hometown, on a rotation in rural medicine. I spent most of my time having another delightful lesson in keeping-your-temper-when-faced-with-beurocracy (Which never seems to get easier, even when I have packed a book for waiting hours for phone calls to be returned.) Infuriating!
What was delightful, though, was how much I enjoyed being in clinic. I spent time in a private OB/GYN practice, a school based health clinic, and a massive, hospital affiliated general practice; and I genuinely liked them all. (Ok, the school based clinic was lame, because school was not in session, so we saw 3-4 patients in a day, which makes things reaaaaal slow.) I was thrilled to see how much I like family practice, because I was not expecting to like it at all. (Too much variety! was my fear. As it turns out, that is a selling point, rather than a downside.)
And, somehow, rather than finding it depressing how many people don't have the first idea how to take care of themselves, it was instead wonderful every time a person came in and had their act together. A woman taking medications as prescribed? AWESOME. An eight year old excited about football, whose father asked intelligent questions about concussions? TRIPLE AWESOME. I legit high-fived my preceptor a few times after seeing a particularly excellent patient.

Now, back at school, we have started the Gastrointestinal block- and it is all colon all the time. Just keeping it glamorous, over here.

Date: 2012-08-27 01:40 am (UTC)
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Mmmmmm... Colon. What thrilling days you live, my dear! ;-)

Cool beans about having a great time at summer clinics!


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