May. 16th, 2012

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Today is my ten year lj-versary.

[ profile] isilya just mentioned that she's been around these parts for more than a decade, and I checked my calendar- only to realize that I too have been hanging out here for ten years.

Ten years ago, at this time, I was psuedo-interning for Noam Chompski, harassing people of varying importance at the Pentagon, testing out search engines to see what dogpile/google/yahoo considered the best results, learning how to hard code html, getting my heart broken by college admissions boards, and generally not being a whole lot younger than I feel today.

I sort of understand intellectually that it's been a long time. And when I add up the things I have done since then, I guess it has been a while. But I remember riding my bike to the IRC, sitting in that squeaky chair in the only room without a window, and compiling lists of bizarrely specific data- like it was yesterday. (Maybe even better than yesterday, because I can still cite you statistics on what percentage of GDP goes to weapons acquisition in ten countries, but I can not tell you what the 4th line treatments for hypertension are.)

Ten years! I know many people are migrating away to other social networks- and it's true that I spend more time on tumblr than I do here- but I love this space we've built, and I love you all for sharing it with me. Thanks for the good times, folks. Thanks for teaching me, and telling me.Thanks for growing up along with me.

Here's to ten more years of whatever's coming next.

(In this post, the banana represents time, and the old woman represents me, shocked and astonished that time is catching up to me. You'll never take me without a fight, banana!)


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