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When you are reciting poetry, which is a thing we never do, you find sometimes, just as you are beginning, Uncle John is still telling Aunt Rose that if he can't find his spectacles he won't be able to hear properly, and does she know where they are; and by the time everyone has stopped looking for them, you are at the last verse, and in another minute they will be saying "Thank you, thank you" without really knowing what it was all about. So next time you are more careful, and just before you begin say, "Er-H'r'm!" very loudly, which means, "Now then, here we are;" and every body stops talking and looks at you: which is what you want.


Do not plant kisses
on the blind accordionist.

Leave the mermaid alone,
it is not meant to be.

Mostly from the introduction to Now We Are Six by A. A. Milne, with an excerpt from "Travel Advisory" by Michael Dumanis


There is something kind of awesome about userinfo pages.
No, really.

Actual journal entries are playing to the audience who knows us. We use shorthand and nicknames -It's the middle of the book, even if people haven't been reading along, they'll pick up the characters and plot soon enough.
This page here though? It's the introduction. It's the "Hi, here's who I am" that brackets our ponderings about soup, the meaning of life, new socks. In real life, random variables keep you from having any real control over an introduction, too little sleep, distraction, new socks. Whatever. But on the internet(s), we get to think about these things. We get to put our best feet forward.
And man, the stuff people come up with!
I alternately love and am horribly frustrated by cryptic userinfo. (On the other hand, I'm bored by the "I was born/go to school/like ponies" descriptions.) Where is the middle ground? Do random quotes speak better for me than I can for myself? Would it really be more illuminating to state rank and file and weekend activities? Do I totally spend too much time thinking about this?*
I like the the quotes above, but in the end, it feels like a cheat. I assume you're here because you'd like to know a little more about me, and much as I love quotations, that's not really where I live. So, here. My current favorite post, about traveling in the jungles of Peru. It's about bats, sort of.

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