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I feel like I talk about this a lot, but I have mentioned before how I have a total love-hate relationship with my iPod right? I love it oh-so-much, but man, do I hate being tied to a gadget.

This whole problem has been pretty academic for the last week or so, because my poor, poor, third generation iPod died. It's been in the process for about a year now- strange shortings out, gradually decreasing battery charge- but now it won't even work plugged into a power source. I knew this was coming, but I couldn’t bear to send it off and be without for however long it took to fix. And, secretly, I was hoping for some sparks, or smoke or something (which is how the first iPod died. Sparks. Good stuff, man.).

The important part of this story is that for the first time in more than three years, I am completely at the mercy of the radio station in my head.

I'm given to understand that not everyone has internal constant background noise. I do. This wouldn't be so bad if I had any kind of conscious control over it. I don't. And my internal radio station isn't just on, it's programmed by some by some Asberger's suffering, OCD, jingle loving person of pure evil.

what I've been listening to, now that I have no say in the matter )
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I come from a family that doesn’t celebrate holidays. Or, rather, we celebrate all events in the same way: with adrenaline, strange trips, and a total lack of tradition. The point being, of course, that all the holiday cheer around lj serves to remind me that oh yeah the end of the year is a approaching, and people do special things for that.


Years are handy ways to measure things, so I’m going to measure this year in music. I love music. I love listening to it, and finding it, but the best part of music is sharing it with other people. I totally started this list in mid-November(!), but then other people kept coming out with their own year-in-music lists and I got distracted by shiny and it was all very painful. I managed to cut my list down from the hundred-and-fifty best songs I heard this year to the twenty-odd behind the cut. (I tried to weight this toward the terrifical songs you might not have heard, rather than the more “objectively” best songs. I say this, because I just realized that there is neither a New Pornographers, nor Sufjan Stevens track on here. However: if you weren’t listening to Twin Cinema and Illinoise this year, I can pretty safely assume it’s because you chose not to.)

Two Thousand Five, Musically: heavy on bluegrass, sort-of love songs, and sillyness )In sum: Green Day is cooler than I thought, electronica and dance are not all bad, a cappella continues to be awesome, and catchy songs are vicious, vicious creatures.

BONUS bonus track: The only Christmas song you ever need. (The arrangement on this absolutely makes my knees quiver. How do people get so awesome?)
The Washington University Piker- The 12.5 Days of Christmas


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