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Today I won, like, a MILLION DOLLARS* in the museum easter egg hunt.

This was, of course, funnier because I didn't know one was going on, and I brought the eggs up to the main desk to see if one of the small, childlike creatures that sometimes run though the collection had lost them. (Look, I don't know, behind the CPU sounds like the sort of place I would put something down and then forget about it.) Also: dude. Museum easter egg hunt? Seriously?

Anyway, in addition to sugar, which I really didn't need, I got a gift card for Barnes and Noble and another for the campus bookstore (which, no, HA HA, wait, this story gets better). Since I walk by the bookstore a minimum of three times a day, I stopped in on my way home from work, where I managed to be the two-hundredth person, or some nonsense, and won a free moleskine notebook. And, Ok, I get that moleskine are the trend that ate Manhattan, but they are crazily functional little books, and I love them, and I have three already, but none of them is the storyboard version. STORYBOARD NOTEBOOKS. Moleskine, you totally win at cornering my market share. I did not manage to actually spend my gift card, as I was distracted by the awesome. Perhaps I will go back and buy ANOTHER. Or not, because wandering around the art supplies just made me think about packing.

True story: I own more cubic space of art supplies than I do of clothes. I own fully a billion (And by "a billion" I mean eight or nine) partially filled mini-sketchbooks, ranging from the classic 4x6 (possibly the best size ever) to the surprisingly handy 3x4. I have them in watercolor paper, in velum, in writing moleskine, and books I have made pockets into. I have a solid range of full size sketchbooks, and a range of hot and cold press archival stuff.

I draw most often on quartered sheets of scratch paper I steal from work and doodle on in class.

The thing I am dreading most about Peace Corps is having to sort though all this. I mean, art supplies themselves are easy. Almost everyone could use a book of bristol board. Or a collection of prismacolor markers. But, the art junk. What are you supposed to do with that? For example: I have this handle from a plasic sword that looks like a lobster. I've been holding on to it for years (YEARS!), because you know, lobster, but I have not, as of yet, managed to find a use for it. Nor, have I found a use for my collection of six mm film. And my beautiful typewriter! What will I do with that?

I'm fairly positive that I won't actually miss any of this stuff once it's gone. Thinking about it right now is like choosing children.

*Million, of course, is here adjusted into my terms, and meaning "More money than I expected to see today."


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