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So, it's entirely possible that I graduated on Saturday. I have vague memories of wearing a dress, shaking some professors hands, and eating melting cake, but that could mean anything. I keep wondering to myself why I haven't picked out my schedule for next semester, and when I realize it's because I won't be at the next semester, I don't feel the expected glee so much as a long, drawn out sort of ooooooooooooh.

It's kinda nice, but I don't know if I believe it yet.

In other news, I am not going to accept the invitation the Peace Corps issued me for Costa Rica leaving in June. Although my PO knew my weak spot (If you want to go where you're most needed, this is the spot!) I am really not so much qualified to work with youth, children and families at risk, child advocacy, or teenagers. Ugh. Teenagers. Also: Costa Rica. (Herein Costa Rica being shorthand for "Hello, beautiful country that the tourists loooove, throwing their money around to mask serious underlying social problems!) Given the choice, I'd rather deal with somewhere honestly poor, and no veneer of tourist income to deal with. And really, I don't have a whole lot of life experience to call upon working with at-risk populations. I have a lot of knowledge, but I mean, come on. I'm all of twenty-two years old. I have not yet had time to live a life from which I can preach.

So. I'm a little sad, because this may have been my shot at the Spanish speaking world, and it looks like I will be instead going to Eastern Europe or Central Asia (Tajikistan! Kyrgyzstan! the Ukraine! Bosnia! MONGOLIA!) which would be totally awesome, as I have never been to any of these places. BUT. Language flail. They are going to have me learning some ridiculous language like, I don't know, Russian, or Uzbek, or Turkish, and I will once again be reduced to communicating in cracked out charades. Which means, most likely, that I should spend my summer brushing up on my pictonary skills.

Which, incidentally, means I pretty much win at everything.
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I have about three lj entries I want to write, but that's too many topics even for me to undertake at once. SO: Let's stick to the really important ones.

Firstly: On Saturday, I cut my hair )

Secondly: I talked to my Peace Corps Placement person on Thursday, saying very politely: IT HAS BEEN A WHOLE WEEK SINCE I GOT MY MEDICAL CLEARANCE AND I AM GOING TO CRY, PLEASE TELL ME WHERE I AM GOING. (Only, with less caps lock.)

He told me that I missed actually being sent for the program I was nominated for by two whole days, and that therefore, I was going to be leaving to a STILL undetermined country some time in the July-September range. Which, I would rather be leaving sooner than that, but I was evidently nominated for Eastern Europe/Central Asia, which of all the world world I am least excited about. But, he told me that I should be hearing something soon (emphasis his).

Today, at five fifteen, I got a call from another PO, who said "so, can you be ready to leave for Latin America on June twenty-sixth?"

Um. YES. Yes, a lot? Evidently, I can expect the formal invitation into my grubby little hands by Friday.

Pretty much, I win at everything.
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I dream very infrequently, about twice a year. I'm fine with this, because when I do dream, it's unsettlingly vivid, and the confusion it generates is just not cool. (Ask me sometime about the time I had a dream in French, and then had to take a Chemistry exam! ... There actually isn't much more to the story, just a sense of vague dissettlement with my brain attempting to sabotage me.)

Anyway. Last night I dreamed that the Peace Corps sent me a fruit basket and told me I was off to Namibia. I woke up thinking: "NAMIBIA! Awesome! Also: Pineapple-for-breakfast!" and I was excited for a whole five minutes, until I realized it hadn't happened. And it's been like this all day- I'll see one of the people who has been wildly excited for me and I'll say "GUESS WHAT!" followed immediately by uncomfortable nose scratching and a quiet "Um. Never mind."

I really do not enjoy the waiting, so much.


Mar. 9th, 2006 11:49 am
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Today I finally got though to my Peace Corps nominator. The yay of this is really hard to texually render, but suffice it to say that I am so excited I'm twitching.

He told me that I've been nominated to do "Advanced Health Care" which will most likely mean teaching health awareness. (Weigh your baby! Boil water correctly so we don't all die! Sanitation or bust!) This is about what I was expecting, although the "advanced" part makes me feel pretty shiny. (Circumstances dependent, I may be teaching other volunteers how to teach this stuff too, which means the sharing of knowledge goes out even further! YAY!)

The bad part, of course, is that he can't tell me where I'm going either. They don't tell anyone where they're going until this stupid medical file of doom has been reviewed. I very much want to hate this, but it makes sense that they won't people with say, peanut allergies to Africa, or people who have hayfever to the tropics, or whatever. I am perfectly healthy, though I have a medical file the size of a phonebook, but they won't believe me until they have this monstosity in their grubby little hands.

Ha ha! The funny part is, of course, that I leave the country Monday morning at EIGHT O CLOCK, so I have to figure out how to get all of my dental and eye and past medical history records to them today! Or maybe, tomorrow!

Anyway, I just made a five minute notice dentist appointment. LETS SEE HOW THAT GOES, SHALL WE?
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It's a sweet moment when you recognize someone who is like you, so I'm always a little jealous when Ash Wednesday rolls around.

That's really beside the point, though. The point is that I came home today to find a large envelope containing more medical forms than I am really comfortable looking at, requiring the signatures of no less than four medical professionals. Evidently, the Peace Corps is reviewing my fitness for placement.

I called the headquarters, because while it's nice to hear it implied, it would be kind of nice to know what they've decided I'm qualified for, or when I'm leaving, or, you know, where they're sending me.

Here is what I found out: I'm shipping out mid-to-late June. JUNE. This June, like, in three months June.

............. a ha. Um. AhahaHAhaha!

Oh wow. I'm still not sure where exactly I'm going (DETAILS), but I can officially begin panicking any time I so desire.


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