Oct. 17th, 2012

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After each medical school block, we get a four day weekend. Our major exams are always on Wednesday mornings, and then we'll have until Monday as time to ourselves. Sadly, it seems like the exact wrong amount of time- long enough to seem significant! But instead, is just long enough to catch up on activities of daily living that fall by the wayside during exam furor (Sleep. Grocery shopping). Our penultimate block started on Monday, and I've spent the last three days sort of frantically blinking at the wall. This probably means it's time to up my medication doses; joy and delight all around.

I am really ready for a solid month off of school, which I understand I will get in the fall of 2014; so that's not too long to wait. Oh, I wish I were joking.

In home news, we keep tweaking the chicken coop/run, and I think we've finally arrived at the happy medium of size, insulation, and portability. The garden is almost gone, though the housemate's mad canning has not yet ended. (We have ALL the peaches, tomatoes, tomato sauce, apricots, pears, and pickles that a person could possibly dream of. The jar collection is literally bowing the shelf we have it on.)
We finished part of the back patio- and honestly, there is nothing like manual labor to make me feel competent. Medical school is never about feeling competent, but pouring/leveling/floating/finishing concrete, I can do.

I keep hoping that one day, I'll wake up and suddenly be better with managing my time. Someday! I will set my bread to rise overnight, and bake while I am studying; instead of deciding I want bread at lunchtime and baking long hours into the night. Someday! I will take a few hours off class to finish an assignment, and actually do the assignment, rather than noddle about on the internet all day.

I mean, not yet, obviously. But someday.


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